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I think the time has come for me to write that famous first blog too. I would tell a lot of interesting things about Photoshop, Illustrator and XD, but I find it much more interesting to introduce myself and tell you how I came to this wolf pack.

How did one bachelor of financial management, on his way to a master’s degree in Information Technology, with experience in HR and auditing, got job in digital media agency? Yes, yes, I know. It sounds pretty weird and confusing, almost unreal. But here’s an even weirder story about it all, so buckle up and let’s get started.

My first work experience was in a construction company, no, I didn’t walk on scaffolding, I was in human resources department. Since this is my first job, I felt that with this experience I could continue to build a career in just that direction, and I was strictly focused on it. As my master’s degree, I choose “Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources” topic, believing that this will make it easier for me to find a job in HR. However, us girls always want more knowledge and money, so I started to learn  HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, WordPress and of course Photoshop.

Thanks to the special person who made me do this, and who saw my potential. He will recognize himself J

While working as a freelancer at Upwork, I am thinking about a career change and new experiences, because a small voice in me was telling me that this job is exactly for me.

And then that damn (or not so damn) Corona virus, months of job search, loss of hope. And then, one short message on LinkedIn was enough to totally change my life.

And it changed.

I met Lejla.

If you ever ask Lejla how our first interview went and how she decided to hire me, she will tell you the funniest story.I, sad and exhausted by many unsuccessful job interviews, thought that this is just another one of them and that I certainly had nothing to lose. And, the miracle, I really didn’t lose anything. I presented myself exactly as I really am, without pretending, without false stories, without promising to know everything and that I handle stress very well.

And so I #standout #wolfup and I’m grabbing hard to become Alpha!

I become a member of Wolf Media, a member of the wolf pack and an idea that is growing at an abnormal rate every day. With that speed, my knowledge, experience and work developed to a new level. At a level I didn’t even know I could do. Isn’t that the best indicator of a positive and good work environment?

I am immensely happy because another person has recognized my potential, my will and desire. I am immensely happy because Lejla met me at a time when I was not what I am now, and because she constantly follows my progress and ideas. And I’m happiest because I’ve met a person who REALLY appreciates that and always compliments what you do.

I know there aren’t many people who like to do what they really want and love, but I think it would only take you one day at Wolf Media to change your life and go for what you really want and do what you think you want to do.

Because as she says one old saying? Do what you love, and you won’t have to work a single day in your life.


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