How I became Alpha!

I think I am obligated to tell you this story. My name is Lejla, I don’t have any nicknames, but I have several titles. One of my favorites is he queen of fog and storm (my aunt gave it to me because I was a “calm” child).

I spent a good part of my career in a public institution and had been doing and writing what I was told. As everywhere in the world, when you work in that kind of (government) institution, you work with limitations, you are powerless to show your creativity, to spread your wings, or to show your teeth.

I learned a lot, used all the opportunities for professional education and came to the end of the road, to the wall, to the point where there is nothing for me further. They say that a person matures in the age of 40, and they say that this year is also a big conjunction (alignment of the planets) when great changes will happen to us. For me, somehow the two coincided, and the evil coincided (the COVID-19 pandemic ) to understand how important my role is in this world, and that’s how it started.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, I created social networks for the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health, trying to inform the public about the orders of the Crisis Staff, as well as the situation of those infected in the Federation of BiH. And look at the miracles, in less than 3 months our reach was over a million people, and I did it, ME! Of course, I must not leave it out, not to mention the help of my colleagues who provided me with up-to-date information.

And one thing led to another, I realized that I could do more, that I knew better and that only the sky was my limit.

I woke up the wolf inside me, showed my teeth, quit my job and set out to conquer new (digital) territories!

Now there are three of us, wolves, each a professional in his field, and all three very experienced us social media management. Samra, fierce and agile, my hunter, she knows how to recognize potential alphas and bring them into the pack. Adna is our creative thinker and creates irresistible digital content to help you and outr clients become the first, the leader, the Alpha in social media world.

And I, I’m not just the queen of fog and storm, I’m a wolf, I am a leader, I’m Alpha!



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Wolf Media Lejla Mešanović

Lejla Mešanović

26.04.2021. • 3 min