Importance of Social Media Marketing in Food and Beverage Industry

The world economy has seen a significant decline in almost every sector of business over the past two years due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. To survive the harsh state of economic decline, caterers had to adapt and devise new ways to stay in business. Unfortunately, many of them have had to close their facilities, at least those who could not do delivery. Also, in this process of adjustment, marketing strategies and promotions have changed.

Social media is a huge community with a very wide and quick spread reach on its own, and that makes one of the upsides of using social media or any other online platforms to promote the business.

There is no debating that social media has taken many industries by storm, and the food and beverage industry is certainly no exception. Whether you post photos of food on Instagram and Facebook, record video clips for Tik Tok, write blogs about food and wine, you are a user of some of the delivery services, or, they write reviews about you at, you are on the right track!

If you own a restaurant/bar or are in charge of its marketing, and you’re not taking advantage of these social media channels, you’re without a doubt late to the party. By not using social media, you’re missing out on a great marketing opportunity that can help your business grow!

Wolf Media d.o.o. for the month of July has a special offer for all caterers, we want to provide support and help the development and promotion of tourism and food and beverage industry.

📌 In July we offer special offers and symbolic prices. The offer includes:

🔻1. Creating Facebook and Instagram profiles

🔻2. Creating creative content

🔻3. Social media management

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