When I grow up I will be an influencer

Every millennial’s dream… now I have to explain this too. Eh well my dear 70’s generation, millennials (and they also respond to the Y generation), we are all born from 1981 up to early 2000s. This sounds great, considering I narrowly fell into this famous gang. What is important is this (our) generation, is forerunner of the generation Z, and we are (or will be) parents of generation #Alpha. Not to complicate further…

Now that we all know what I’m talking about, let me continue in the tone of every influencer. We millennials, for example, don’t like calls, we prefer to type. This generation mainly marked by increased use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media and knowledge of it, which is why they (we) are sometimes called “digital natives”.

And we all want only one thing (well not all, but most) to be influencers. Why? Well, because it’s our 5 minutes of glory, to say something smart and for people to admire us, to like us and to love us.

Joke aside, being an influencer has become a way of life or as we millennials like to say Lifestyle. Influencer is essentially a person who has influence on other people, person who will contribute to the awareness of other people, their attitudes and decisions.

With the growing popularity of social networks and their growing expansion in recent years, there has been a new trend in marketing, known as influencer marketing. Everyone is already tired of commercials with famous actors, singers and athletes, what everyone wants now is for someone of flesh and blood, someone like you, your neighbor or college girlfriend, to say “that’s the brand I use and it’s great.”

Of course, for this type of marketing it is important how many followers you have on your social networks and whether you have gained their trust? Being an influencer is a serious job and requires a lot of effort, planning, research and creativity. Precisely because of this, few succeed and survive.

There are many people in the world who have succeeded in that, and there are celebrities among them, because being a famous actor / singer / athlete is not enough (I said sarcastically). But here are some “ordinary” influencers worth following https://mediakix.com/blog/top-instagram-influencers/ 

In our beautiful Balkans, it goes a little slower, but we don’t give up, we have at least 10 of them https://glasrazuma.rs/2020/02/05/top-10-influensera-na-balkanu/ 

All in all, I, as the proud mother of the #Alpha generation, am here to support and that is why I say, influencers from all over the world, unite…



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