Who is afraid of social networks?

I don’t like to start stories “unfortunately”, but unfortunately, this is one of those stories. Not to be outdone, I’ll say what it’s all about right away. We live in a country with mentality where people are still afraid of social networks. For us, the Balkan people, who are generally very harsh in their speech when it comes to insults, social networks have become the place for expression of negative thoughts, comments, hate speech, putting down others and, yes … spreading inappropriate content.

For example, our public institutions generally still stick to traditional media (honor exceptions) because they do not want to be faced with two-way communication, except in the case of media appearances and press conferences. And our people, often due to general ignorance, recklessly express their opinions and scatter comments. So far we have had several examples of this in our state, but I do not want to mention them here, how much heat they have made, and how they have been forgotten very quickly.

There is also a new Netflix creation The Social Dilemma which brutally presents social networks as a deliberate brainwashing. Is that really so?

Throughout history, the entire World has been subjected to various brainwashing and no social networks were required for this, and some have been very effective. Social networks are not needed for propaganda, but they are very useful now, because information spreads faster.

However, is that a reason to be afraid of social networks?

I don’t think so and I think people are only afraid of what they don’t know, because it’s very nice to be tucked away in your comfort zone, and what you don’t know – doesn’t hurt, does it?

There are, say, several reasons why we should not be afraid of social networks.

For example, whether you are a public institution, a private company, an artist, a housewife or a student, social networks are your window into the world that gives you the possibility of two-way communication.

You are trying to present your project that is in the public interest or sell some of your product, by placing it on social networks you will get a feed back (not always positive), but certainly instructions on what you can do better, how to improve what you sell, etc.

You can present to the world your ideas, your artwork, share some problem and find a solution, you can even help someone with your comment or opinion, only the sky is the limit. And most importantly, everything is free!

Well not all, but I will write about it in the next blog.

The point is, if you are sufficiently informed, and that is at least now easy with all possible tutorials on youtube and google, if you scratch a little below the surface, explore, inform yourself and refrain from unfounded superficial opinion, I think you can discover the benefits of social networks and be sure to turn them to your advantage.

Do you lead or do you follow? Do you watch, or are you being watched? Do you sell, or are you being sold?

Think about it, and for everything else we are here to help you!



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